Vitamins for KIDS

Dale and Cindee Dupaquier standing proudly in a garage next to a large storage bin and boxes filled with vitamin bottles for children in need.
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Vitamins for KIDS

It is a blessing to feed hungry children. Few things give me more pleasure and fulfillment than watching them eat and knowing I had a minor part in feeding them. Still, many children are so malnourished that they cannot get all the vitamins they need from a meal alone. For that reason, I have long sought to find vitamins that we can give to those in greatest need, but being an imported product, the cost was beyond our reach.

This past year, God laid it on the heart of Cindee Dupaquier (don’t even try to pronounce her name), and she went to work with her team from Lighthouse Baptist in San Antonio, TX, to acquire as many as they could. The Lighthouse team has come to Honduras every summer for over a decade. Usually, they provide hundreds and, sometimes, even a thousand food bags — all this from a group of seven to ten people who come for a week’s Visionary Trip.

Recently, Cindee and her husband Dale passed through Augusta on their way to his dad’s funeral and stopped by to say hello and deliver 40,000 vitamins and an ample supply of toothpaste!

A big thank you to all of you who participated in this effort, and know that many children will be blessed by receiving a daily vitamin because of your labors.

And by the way, we feed thousands of children worldwide who could also benefit from a daily vitamin, so if you are inclined to help us provide for them, send us your vitamins.


  • Jon Nelms

    The Rev. Jon Nelms is the founder of Final Frontiers. Called to missions at the age of eleven, he has been winning souls since he was twelve. Jon was a street preacher, pastor, church planter, and missionary before founding Final Frontiers in 1986 at the age of 30.

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