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We’ve Never Done THIS Before

Celebrate the Final Frontiers Foundation’s initiative to establish Pakistan’s first Christian school! This beacon of hope will provide quality faith-based education for K-12 students. Support the school’s expenses and salaries to make a lasting difference for Pakistan’s young Christians. Join us in spreading the great news and rallying support!

One Bible Brings One Family to Christ

In the shadows of a world where faith can be a peril, one man’s quest for truth leads him to a forbidden book: the Bible. Raised in devout adherence to Islam, his encounter with the Word ignites a transformation not just in himself, but in his entire family. Together, they embark on a journey from doubt to belief, discovering salvation in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Their story is a vivid reminder of the enduring power of faith and the profound impact of the Gospel.

Final Frontiers reports 78,622 new house churches started in 2023

As the numbers roll in, we revel in the joyous statistics of the past year—thousands baptized, new churches thriving, and countless villages hearing the gospel. Every figure is a story, a life uplifted, and a community forever transformed.

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