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Charitable Gift Financing

Learn how high-net-worth individuals can use third-party loans to make larger tax-deductible contributions to their favorite charities. From grantor trusts to interest rates, this informative piece covers all the key elements you need to understand. Discover how Charitable Gift Financing benefits both donors and charities, and how you can use this powerful tool to support causes you care about.

Charitable Giving and Life Insurance Part 3, Whole Life

We are going to spend some time on life insurance. As you may have seen, we already have. I’m taking the time to help you understand the power it can have because it can help you make an impact on missions. I’m also taking the time because it’s important to understand how it works. For this article I am going to describe a made up policy. I am using made up numbers. Why would I do this? So we focus on the concepts and avoid getting into the weeds over numbers. The time to get into the weeds over the numbers is when you are actually looking to establish a policy. Let’s dive in.

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