Your Gifts Bring Joy

An elderly couple, with the woman wearing a vibrant patterned dress and the man in a dark shirt, stand in front of an unfinished brick structure surrounded by greenery. Nearby, there are stacks of concrete bricks.
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Your Gifts Bring Joy

The special support of a ministry partner in Caro, Michigan, has helped a pastor’s family in Africa to build a home and a new business!

Pastor Zephania Nassari serves in Tanzania, where he preaches the Gospel in villages and schools, leads many to salvation, baptizes believers, and starts new churches.

In his report for the 4th Quarter of 2022, Pastor Nassari reported two new churches started, three villages evangelized, 162 professions of faith, and 16 baptisms. In the report, he asked for prayer for new believers to be baptized and for many people who were without food due to drought. He also asked for prayers that his family would be able to have a good house. 

In a special message of thanks to the ministry partner who supports his work, he reported using gifts to pay tuition fees for his children and to purchase “two more iron sheets for our house in the coming future.”

A partially constructed two-story building with brick walls and metal roofing, set in a green environment with banana and other trees in the background. Support beams are temporarily placed against the building.

Phase 1 and 2 of the construction progress of Pastor Nassari’s family home and shop in Tanzania, funded by generous ministry partners. This shop, soon to be operated by Dorothea Nassari, aims not only to provide for their family but also to assist the needy widows and orphans in the community. Phase 3 is already underway!

This information moved the ministry partner to give generously to help build a home for Pastor Nassari’s family as well as a shop that his wife, Dorothea, plans to operate. From the shop, she will sell things like cooking oil, corn flour, bread, rice, sugar, and other basic items a family needs. She will use some of the supplies and funds generated to help her own family as well as needy widows and orphans around the community. 

The project is under the supervision of National Director Pastor Lazaro Leyan.

Thank you, God, for willing, generous hearts!

Dorothea Nassari’s Vision: “To help others who are in need as a way to help them see the loving acts of Jesus through a person like me.”

I have a lot of joy to you (our sponsor) for considering me as apastor’s wife whose responsibility is to help needy people both spiritually and physically.

Dorothea Nassari
A green bordered infographic detailing achievements of Pastor Zephania Nassari. The report mentions 44 churches started, 116 villages evangelized, 3,490 professions of faith, and 905 believers baptized.

Would you consider supporting other national church planters like Pastor Zephania through our Great Commission Fund?


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