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Final Frontier’s Foundation on YouTube

“Mine eye affecteth mine heart…”  –  Lam. 3:51 KJV

In the past few years, the Final Frontiers YouTube channel has grown in videos and subscribers, and we dearly hope that more Christians across America will help us to blossom the channel’s visibility. The purpose of our videos is to raise awareness for the many extraordinary ministries of Final Frontiers Foundation—drawing traffic to our website—where global needs, and opportunities to meet them, abound.  

After I first came on board in 2016, online advertising restrictions made it very difficult to expand our outreach to find that special breed of missions-minded believers we know exist in every church. Notwithstanding, I still frequently hear of new viewers discovering our videos, getting excited, and sharing the links. Thanks so much to all of you who help us with this! If those who love the cause of missions as much as we do would help us share these stories with their churches, family, and friends, we would have no need for advertising. We pray that God will continue to guide those people to our channel.  


If you scroll through our twenty active PLAYLISTS, you will discover all types of content about world missions. A few of the many headings you will find are: “Ministry Videos; Missions Stories & Needs; Thank You’s and Results; Debriefings – Missions Trips; Touch A Life & Daily Bread; Biographies Of National Preachers; and teaching sessions with Jon Nelms, like: “Understanding The Great Commission Series.” My personal favorite is “Expeditions,” with stories of how we use our PowerPack audio Bibles to saturate whole people groups with the gospel. 

Two of our most well-liked series are more on the humorous side: an adventurous comedy of an underdog missionary who never gives up, called “Ernest Livingston;” and a comical interview scenario made primarily to teach children what a missionary is, called “Screening Room.” 

Right now, we have a brand-new series in production called: “A Day In The Life Of,” which takes you on a sun-up to sun-down journey to experience an entire day with men, women, and children living in the third world. 

Whether you are a missionary looking for more information on countries and people groups, a pastor looking for missions videos to show your church, a youth director looking to inspire your young people, or a parent looking for Christian content for your children, we hope you will visit our channel and browse through our playlists.


But don’t stop there . . . please help us raise awareness of the needs on the mission field by sharing our videos!


  • Joshua Martyn

    Joshua Martyn, Final Frontiers Missionary and Media Director, travels through the many countries where our national church planters work, creating video documentaries to tell their stories and needs. He grew up in Iowa, then began missionary work, pioneering into closed countries, and documenting expeditions to unreached jungle tribes.

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