Two more motorbikes in Kenya


Two more motorbikes in Kenya

Our Kenyan team and I are so grateful for the two motorbikes that we received. The preachers are incredibly thankful for this excellent evangelism tool that will assist them in advancing and spreading the gospel to areas it has never been preached before.

Preachers who received the bikes are:

  •  Christopher Masinde
  •  Vincent Situma Wabwile
2 national church planters in Kenya receiving a motorbike for thier ministry
2 national church planters in Kenya receiving a motorbike for thier ministry

Christopher Masinde is the pastor of Kapsambu Baptist Church in Bungoma County, Mt Elgon Region. He is the chairman of the Bungoma fellowship and has a big role in visiting the churches to see how they are doing. This bike will be of great importance to his role as the chairman and as a preacher. 

He has a very big team in his church and follow up will be easier as well. He will have an easier time in evangelism, visiting new villages with the gospel, church planting, training other men and winning many to the Lord. We continue to pray for his ministry and the team of preachers he manages.

Vincent Situma on the other hand is one of the preachers supported by the Final Frontiers Foundation for close to 10 years. He is an old man but not that old with a big family. He pastors a church known as Bethel Baptist Church in Busia, Busia county. He’s been riding a bicycle for all his life in the ministry, hence the reason for his physique. He stays far from the church and has recently been having issues with the bike. He has been requesting a motorbike and is so grateful to have received one from Final Frontiers. Just like Christopher, he will have an easier time in evangelism and soul-winning. Together with his family they will be getting to church in time and be full of energy. 

Thank you so much for the two bikes that we received. We still have a very long list of preachers in need of the same and we continue to pray for them.

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