Tolupan – Amazing return to the indigenous ethnic group in Honduras

The Tolupan village of Monte Rey, seen here is their school with 18 children sitting and standing outside of the blue painted school building.
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Tolupan – Amazing return to the indigenous ethnic group in Honduras

   It has been over four years since the original PowerPack expedition to the Tolupan tribe in Honduras. This year, in the month of March, two of the original team were able to return: myself and Jason Dover, missionary to the unreached.

   Throughout the first trip, there were four of us giving audio New Testaments (PowerPack Dynamo’s), and a gospel presentation, to every family in every village across the mountains. In this short follow-up expedition, we wanted to see the fruit of that endeavor.

At first, we had no leads, no names of pastors, and no direction as to what villages to visit. So, we immediately began bathing every decision, and every path that lay ahead of us in prayer. Faithfully God led us to the village of Monte Rey at the very end of the steep dirt roads that lead up into the mountains. Here,  at the very edge of the village, at the same mud home where our team had stayed on our first journey, we felt a strong sense of peace, as if we were not yet supposed to go any further. Sure enough, within the next ten minutes one of the men who had helped us years before was passing through—the chief of Guaruma.

   Suddenly, we were being told of the miraculous conversion of his village. Nearly all of them had accepted Christ, and now had a church there! He went on to tell us that the very place where we were stopped, was the exact yard where yet another church was now meeting. There was another pastor right there in Monte Rey as well! Soon after the chief of Guaruma left, the local pastor of Monte Rey found us, and explained that a great deal had changed since the audio Bibles had been delivered. A bar had shut down, heavy drug trade had dwindled, and nearly half the village had accepted Christ! He told us that he also meets with another group of believers in the village of Loma Linda as well. So, within the first hour, we had already discovered three villages with churches!

   With both the president of Monte Rey, and the chief of Guaruma, being Christians now, we found a wide-open door of invitation. Soon, we were staying in a schoolhouse, which became our home base for travel. Multiple preaching services were held there, because the teacher himself had also become a believer, with an incredible testimony of a thoroughly changed life. Every time the gospel was shared, he would encourage the children to ask questions.

   We believe there are other villages with Christians meeting together, but on this trip, we were only able to visit a few places in the vast territory. We did, however, visit with the believers in Gauruma, and I personally traveled to the third church in Loma Linda, where I found real stability among the Christians there. Soon after our departure, a violent storm struck Monte Rey and destroyed the school roof—the exact location where we had stayed and preached from. Please pray for these Tolupan believers as they witness to their families. All these churches are asking for whole Spanish Bibles, and you can give to that need by visiting our website.

   Overall, what we discovered was truly an incredible testimony of how the Lord has been working since Final Frontiers flooded this entire people-group with the Gospel. There is certainly a wide-open opportunity for more preaching, and more churches to be started. To hear more of the story, you can watch the video documentary of this return trip on our YouTube channel. Please pray for the Tolupan!


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