Exciting news from April’s youth camp in Pakistan

Youth camp Pakistan April 2023
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Exciting news from April’s youth camp in Pakistan

“560 campers attended our camp” “In the end, 130 Youngsters accepted the Lord Jesus Christ”

Dear Team, Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, 

By the grace of God, our youth camp was so good. We had 560 campers attend our camp; we arranged this camp at Changa Manga Park, this time we invited all new campers, and 95 % of campers were unsaved.  This was a big challenge for our team, most campers were from small rural villages, but by the grace of God we have a good team of security, management, and our staff of councilors and they all performed well.

We had a tight schedule but praise God we completed all the agendas that were set for this camp.

Opening Session:

We started camp with chapel and then we sing songs, in the beginning, a friend of mine shared the word of God. 

One of my students, Anum Jaffer, performed their duties as a counselor and she introduced our youth camp ministry. 

We always try to teach English songs to all campers, so we taught them English Song Bless the Lord oh my soul, this song was so inspiring and many hands lifted up during this song. Youngsters received their blessings. 

Preaching Session: 

Pastor Hebroon shared the word of God and preached a sermon titled, Who is Jesus Christ? That was a blessed time. He taught very deeply about the personality and the deity of Jesus. 

Games Session:

Games are our very best sections because youngsters always like to play, we divided campers into two teams, Red and Blue. The competition between the two teams was fierce but fun. We arranged two games for male and female campers, “big ball”, and through the balls. 

Acting Session: Skits

Skits are always a very good tool to teach the word of God. Our team performed two skits, those are so effective.  


During lunch, our staff shared their testimonies and they asked about campers salvation. During this time they won many souls.

Teaching Sessions:

The topic was Benefits For Believers. Pastor Fiaz shared the word of God.

After I shared the word of God, I preached about the reality of hell, lots of Campers heard this for the first time. In the end, 130 Youngsters accepted the Lord Jesus Christ HALLELUJAH. 

Finally, many youngsters stood and gave testimonies and told us how this camp changed their lives. 

Bible Distribution:

Before dismissal, we presented free Bibles to all new believers. After the camp, we received invitations from 10 youngsters! They invited me to hold youth seminars in different villages and cities. I hope we will meet of them soon. 

Thank you so much for your support for the big youth camp. 

With your support, we are reaching many lost souls .


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