Insider Report – Planting Desert Churches in Pakistan

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Insider Report – Planting Desert Churches in Pakistan

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News just in from our team in Pakistan … 9 villages in 4 four days, we witnessed in front of 385 Hindus, God used us and we won 137 Hindus, and started 6 new Churches, Hallelujah! Can you help to further our ministry in Pakistan?

Dear Team, 

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ; I am so excited to share with you much good news; we had a lovely mission trip in the name of Jesus Christ.

By the grace of God, we planned to visit new villages; we are thankful to God and Dear Brother Jon Nelms, who supported us in reaching lost souls of Pakistan. 

We visited a total of nine villages in 4 four days, and we witnessed in front of 385 Hindus. God used us, and we won 137 people to Christ, and we started six new churches. Hallelujah, here are the details.

Missionary Team: 

My Team always helps me to reach in rural areas of Pakistan. This time a new youngster joined our Team, and so were four who performed this mission Trip.

Bible Class: Before starting the journey, I planned to meet our bible students at Lahore as I teach there weekly on Fridays. I taught 3 hours of bible class. After the class, we started our journey at 10:30 pm and spent time traveling and reached Rahimyar Khan city early the following day and had some breakfast.

1st Day of Missionary Trip 

We started our journey to desert areas without any rest. This village was 50 km from the main city; we loaded all our Evangelism Materials, Bibles, Books of Hayms, and candies for the kids. Pastor Misri is always helping us to meet new villages; God opened a door for me to reach these areas; the town was occupied by a Hindu priest who never permitted any outsiders to meet his tribe. We requested him to allow us to teach his people with some real education, and he permitted us to share something, so Shehyrar Decided to share the word of God there; Shehryar started the story of Jesus Christ. He preached about what God did for our sins. He briefly preached about sin at the end of the sermon; they excitedly asked what we needed to do for our sins. How can we remove our sins? So I shared the word of God and gave them God’s plan for their tribes; I gave them many examples of sin from the Bible, and I told them how we could confess our sins to Jesus Christ. At the end of the meeting, 27 men and women stood on their feet and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. It was our first meeting on the first day of our mission trip.

Shehryar preached very well. Thank God my trained students started to win souls. Hallelujah!

 After the preaching, we found some youngsters interested in learning more about Biblical God. We presented free Urdu Bibles to all newly saved people. We also noticed that they don’t have clean water. John Hayes sent us some water systems, so we presented them with these to use. If God opens the door for us to plant a church, we will pray to provide clean water for this village with a well. 

Village 02: Wednesday, March 16, 2023

After the first visit, we journeyed to the next village, 30 Km away from the last. The weather was so hot a friend of mine was leading during this mission trip; by the grace of God, he called all the tribe people into his house. Some people thought that we were from America, but we explained to them we were Pakistani. They felt that we were holy people trying to shake hands with them, but they thought they were too unclean to be touched, so I embraced them, and we drank from their cups. I told them we were the same, not special. I started to preach to them about the love of Christ and how he loved them and died for their sins. As I shared the gospel of Christ, I realized that they had never heard about Jesus before. When I finished preaching, the people told me they wanted to confess their sins and believe in Jesus Christ. I preached Romans 10:10, and 25 people accepted the Lord Jesus Christ by the grace of God. Praise The Lord. I asked them if they knew about the Bible if they had seen one before. They all said so we distributed Bibles, and they promised to read them and follow the Laws of God and the examples of Christ. 

We spent another 2 hours in this village after delivering the sermon. People were so happy, and they started to shake hands and made tea for us. It was so lovely to spend time with them. 

Village 03: Wednesday, March 16, 2023 Time 2:00 pm 

We continued our journey to the third village. This village was nearby, and Pastor Misri had been going there for some time. The people were ready for the word of God and happy to meet us. I shared the gospel of Christ among them the first time, but Pastor Misri started going there after one or two months. I preached from Romans 8:35-39, who shall separate us from the Love of Christ… the people heard very carefully, and another 17 were added to God’s family. We distributed Bibles and hymnals. They don’t have their own Bibles before now. Our vision is to provide the word of God to unsaved people. They will read it and grow strong in faith. Then we noticed some women who were so sick they asked me for prayer, so I prayed for all of them.

Village 04: Wednesday, March 16, 2023. Time 5:00 pm 

After the third village, we planned to visit another 30 Km away. The weather was so hot. Our Throats became dry as we finished the last of the water bottles. It was a little hard for us to stay without water. Still, by the grace of God, we just forgot that we were so thirsty; we were exhausted because we traveled all night and didn’t sleep very well. My Team was so tired, but we did not give up. We continued to travel and found more lost souls in desert areas. Everyone was trying to sleep, but our zeal kept us awake. Our target was to save many lost souls. Finally, we reached the next village. We heard that this village was waiting for someone to save them. We found one young man who had heard about Jesus Christ, and he had been praying for help to save his tribe. As someone in Ephesus praying for help, God sent us directly to his house. When he learned that we are Christian and wanted to preach the word of God, he became overjoyed. The young man arranged a prayer meeting in his home and invited many people from his tribe. I started from the beginning and told them the wages of Sin is Death, and told them Jesus Can save you through His Grace. He can wash our sins through his HOLY BLOOD; they all stood up. Many started to cry; they were praying to Jesus, Forgive our sins. It was such a glorious time when everyone was crying and asking for help from Jesus Christ. All kneeled and surrendered themselves in the presence of Jesus Christ. Almost all of the villagers stood up in the name of Jesus Christ. We distributed Bibles among all youngsters who could read. When I was preaching at this time, my Team was preaching among kids; they shared the story of Noah. 

2nd Day of Missionary Trip Thursday, March 17, 2023

Pastor Misri and I decided to meet at our planted church, where we provided clean water. I visited to see our already-planted church’s physical and spiritual condition, and we arranged an open-air prayer meeting. Few people joined this meeting because some were busy harvesting wheat, but thanks to God, some men and women joined us in this meeting. We arranged food for all church members, and I preached from John 15. It was such a blessed sermon. I distributed Bibles and a book of Songs.

Two couples came, and they asked me for prayer because they didn’t have children, so I prayed for them. I believe God will answer prayers.

By the grace of God, our visit to this church was so blessed, so we planned to visit the next village. On our way to the east side of this village, we found a group of people. This group was very familiar with the word of God; I shared the gospel, and 6 Hindus accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. They asked to be baptized, so we found a Canal and Baptized these six new converts.

Praise God, Hallelujah, all glory to God.

After this wonderful start of the day witnessing the Glorious work of Christ, it was almost 2 pm.

We planned to visit one more new village, roughly a 3-hour drive from our current position. I heard about this tribe before. They worshipped Idols, Trees, Animals, Fire, etc. They carried flags for their god and told people their god lived inside animals. They loved monkeys, snakes, and ants; they loved all creatures but did not know their creator. It was very heartbreaking for me to listen to this. Misri told me they were very strict in their education, and if they became angry, they could attack us, so we needed to be very careful. When we reached this village, an older man came from a very poor house. I saw a Red Flag mounted on his house. The old man started to ask me where we came from, but Misri replied we are Christian and came to meet you all. But he didn’t know who Christians were. Despite this, he invited us into his home. I asked him, what is your religion and told him we wanted to learn about it. I asked what is the name of your god? He said we believe in many gods. I asked him to invite more people, so he invited many men and women. They all came and joined our meeting. Misri started the prayer meeting with a holy song, those people didn’t understand what they were singing, but Shehryar explained what the song was about. Then I started the preach from Geneses. I preached that everything in the world was created by the living God. I shared that God can create everything. He has power that no one else has. I asked them why their situation was so bad? Because you are worshiping materials, not GOD. I gave them many examples from the Bible, and I preached from Romans 1: 18-27.

The word of God touched their hearts. They felt that they were sinners and doing very ungodly things. They confessed their sins, and all men and women stood and accepted Christ. After that, I got strength from The Lord. I took off all flags from their house. They were just watching me, and no one stopped. It was the amazing grace of God. The whole village changed their minds, and they accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. Some women wore satanic necklaces, but they all removed them. Praise God, now they agree to worship only one God, not many. Hallelujah. After delivering the sermon, we distributed Bibles and water systems. It was an extraordinary visit. They promised to stay with faith and not worship the Idols.

What a wonderful Day in Jesus. On this 2nd day, we visited three villages, and it was again very fruitful.

We came back with gladness in our hearts. Hallelujah. We returned in the evening and reached the hotel at 9 pm. Thank you, Lord.

3rd Day Mission Trip March 18, 2023

On the third day, we decided to visit our already-planted church. Last year we provided clean water to this church with a well and plumbing to all the houses. Pastor Shakro Jan is leading this church; this church is 40km far from the main city. When we started our journey to meet this church, everything was smooth. But when we reached the village, the people were not available. We waited for them for 2 hours before they returned from work. I asked people about the reality of Hell. People considered that Hell was not a real place. But when I preached the story of Lazarus and the rich man, they understood Hell was a real place. People agreed to give a special time for the Lord. We are thankful for this church. They are growing in the wisdom of God. Next month we will meet again and lead them in more biblical education. After the sermon, I distributed Bibles among youngsters. Praise God.

Next, we went to meet a lost tribe. They believe in a mix of Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism. They believe that all religions are true. That all religions have the same God, just names are changed. But that all worship the same and only one god. I met them and asked about their faith. They said we believe in everything. Some Muslims were also standing with us when we started preaching there. I started with the Creation of Adam and Eve. I told them that Jesus is the only way to eternal life. They all seemed shocked, and some people replied that they didn’t understand. I read from the Bible that Jesus is the Son of God. Some rejected the gospel, others understood the salvation message, but they did not accept the Lord Jesus Christ. I prayed for them. May God open their minds to understand the Salvation they refused. But an old Muslim man appreciated that I told the truth. He said I believe in Jesus Christ. This one man changed his mind. Parise God. At the end of the meeting, I distributed Bibles for the studies to those interested. I will soon revisit them. I believe that on the next visit, many people will accept the Lord Jesus Christ.

By the grace of God, we started to journey to the next village. It was very far away, but we planned to meet a sister. Her name is Seeta. She met me for the first time at Mountains when we held youth Camp. She joined with Pastor Sahkro Jaan, and during camp, she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. After that, she went home and started to preach among women. I heard from Pastor Shakro, and he spoke highly of her. This time we planned to visit her and see how she glorifies the name of Jesus Christ. It was evening when we reached her home. She was so happy to meet my team and me. She decorated her house with beautiful flowers. She has six kids who are growing in the wisdom of Christ. I asked her about the ministry she told me that she started Sunday School. She is preaching among women, visiting the nearest villages, and preaching the word of God among the women of her tribe. I heard that her daughters are going with her to help. Seeta has many Hindus around her home, but she is not fighting with all their priests. I am so glad to see how she is growing with the Lord. We pray the Lord will send someone to help her in ministry work. She deserves it. And we pray that the Lord opens a door for her to reach more villages and tribes if we support her.

She cooked delicious food for us. Afterward, I helped her with some money. She is a light in her village. She has separated a room for the church and said this room is a small church house church. We want to provide her with their needs for the church. I presented with Bibles for the church. 

We were so blessed to visit. This same day we went back home.

By the grace of God, this missionary trip was so smooth and Blessed, we reached ten villages in three days and won 137 souls, six got Baptized, and we witnessed in front of 350 Hindus in desert areas of Pakistan. Through your help, we are reaching more lost souls. We at Final Frontiers Pakistan are thankful to all of you for supporting the ministry.

Next month I plan to revisit these villages, and I believe we will plant more churches among these saved people. I think many will be ready for the Baptisms, and they will also join prayer meetings regularly.

Continue to pray for us God Bless all of you. Thank you So much stay blessed in Jesus’ name.

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