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Stay in Touch with Final Frontiers ONLINE

 NEW Ministry Webinars

Screenshot of a webinar titled 'Kenya Ministry' by Final Frontiers, featuring an elephant and Maasai tribesmen, symbolizing the diverse cultural and natural heritage discussed in the session.

Michael Horne hosted our first ministry webinar in February. The inaugural episode featured pastors and projects in Kenya. Several needs are mentioned in the webinar for which we are raising funds.

Our New App

Missions.World now has an app on the Google Play store, so you can keep up to date with the latest articles on your Android device by clicking here.

A screenshot of the Missions.World app on the Google Play store, showcasing Final Frontiers' app interface with various articles and updates on mission activities.

Upcoming Webinars

We plan to continue hosting ministry webinars featuring different countries every month. At the end of each one, there will be a Q&A for anyone who may have questions. Click here to see our upcoming webinars and register for the ones you are interested in.


  • Joshua Martyn

    Joshua Martyn, Final Frontiers Missionary and Media Director, travels through the many countries where our national church planters work, creating video documentaries to tell their stories and needs. He grew up in Iowa, then began missionary work, pioneering into closed countries, and documenting expeditions to unreached jungle tribes.

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