Islamic Man Comes to Christ After Waiting for Years for a Bible

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Islamic Man Comes to Christ After Waiting for Years for a Bible

Editor’s Note: Distributing Bibles in Islamic nations is not a trivial task or without danger. Over the past two decades, we have freed hundreds of our smugglers from capture and have buried over a thousand involved in distributing or receiving Bibles. In America, we are blessed to casually sit in a favorite chair and read the words of God that He has preserved for every generation. But in the Islamic world, possessing a Bible can be a death sentence. They are not offered like tracts on the street corners of free countries. Our people carefully determine the sincerity of the person to whom they witness before offering them a Bible. Once given, that person reads it covertly, carefully concealing it from their family members. They must find hiding places for their Bible in their home or outside under a rock or buried in the ground. The articles we prepare for you come from our smugglers and are the testimonies of those whom you, by your donations to our Smugglers ministry, have helped them bring to Christ. Here is a recent example.

I had met a 35-year-old man who had grown up in a Muslim family. His father was committed to the religion, rituals, customs, and traditions of his tribe, and he imposed those on his family. When this man was six years old, his father began to take him to the mosque, teaching him how to obey the five pillars of Islam and the rituals of his denomination without any objections. He was trained to follow the Imams without questions. As he grew older, he was faithful and listened to the sermons of his spiritual leaders. So, he believed in their teaching that Christians and Jews were infidels who hated Islam. When he asked why, their answer was a verse from the Quran that says, Jews and Christians will not be satisfied with you until you leave your religion. They gave him examples of how Christians and Jews persecuted Muslims by perverting historical evidence, such as the Crusades, the invasion of Iraq, and the West’s support of Israel against the Arab world. 

One day, he was listening to an Imam on the radio who was verbally attacking Christian nations for standing with Israel against the Palestinians, saying, “Their prophet (Jesus) claims that they must love their enemies, and yet they stand with a criminal regime (Israel) that kills innocent children and women. Their Christ is against them, their fake religion, and their teachings.” Yet, from all that, what stuck in his mind was, why did Christ say to love your enemies, and how can you love your enemies? 

As he grew older, studying Islam, he discovered controversial issues in his beliefs but was afraid to reveal his doubts. Later, a desire grew in his heart to know why religious Muslim men were so focused on destroying Christianity.

 The question that began to arise in his mind was, “How is Christ in Christianity,” and why does the Quran describe Christ as “the Word of God and a spirit from Him!” Many years passed, and he couldn’t find the answers and did not dare to ask anyone because it was taboo to discuss this topic because it affected the credibility of the divine prophecy of Muhammad. 

Then, one day, the Lord prepared the door for us to meet through a mutual friend. It took time to build trust to discuss these taboo subjects in our culture, especially from his side. I showed him that Christ in the Bible is totally different from Christ as described in the Quran, and I explained to him who Christ in the Bible is and why Christ holds two natures (God and man). After that, I asked if he would like a Bible to read, and he told me that he had been waiting for years to get one. As he read, the Word of God started to work in his heart, and we met weekly for several months. Finally, in one meeting, I explained to him why the Lord Jesus Christ said, in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” After I finished, I noticed tears in his eyes, and the Lord graciously opened his heart, allowing him to come to the knowledge of salvation and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

Note: Four things were needed to bring this man to Christ: the contradictions of Islam, a trusted friend, a brave national pastor who patiently witnessed to him at the risk of his own life (there are no foreign missionaries in his country), and you. Those of you who, with a $6 donation to our Smugglers ministry, provided us the ability to print, bind, and distribute the Bible that introduced him to Christ. Your $6 was a small investment that will yield dividends for eternity.

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