Nuclear Disaster Looming: Russia Destroys Ukranian Dam

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Ukraine-Russia War

Nuclear Disaster Looming: Russia Destroys Ukranian Dam

Dear praying friends!

At 3 am Ukrainian time this morning, the Russian army blew up the Kahovska dam in southern Ukraine.  They did it with no warning as people slept in their homes with no possibility of evacuation.  We will not know the full consequences of this catastrophic act of terrorism for some time.  We know that a 4.8m\15ft wave of water swept through the towns and villages in its path at 24km/14mhr.  The humanitarian crisis in this part of the country was already overwhelming.  Our team of believers has been going into this part of the country with compassionate aid since the Ukrainian army reoccupied it from Russian invaders.  Residents lost everything during the fierce battles fought over these lands. Many had returned to start rebuilding, planting gardens, and trying to return to some kind of normalcy.  Now, many of these villages and towns will be underwater.  Bridges and roads have been washed away.  The Zaporozhia atomic energy station (with six atomic reactors) is cooled from the Kahovska dam water pool.  We are on the brink of an atomic disaster many times worse than the Chornobyl disaster in April 1986.  

Our evacuation and humanitarian aid teams are ready to respond, but we need your help.  Our Ukrainian relief fund has been depleted.  We need funds for gas, evacuation boats, food & water, generators, and sheltering the people affected by this tragedy.  If you can help us, please do so now.  The need is urgent.  

Please pray for these people to remember the Gospel if it has ever been preached to them.  Pray for their hearts and minds to call out to the only One that can help them!  Pray for God’s mercy on Ukraine!

If you are moved to help, you can donate relief funds here.


Oleg, Lori, Abigail, and Simon Enskyy


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